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Are you a hiking enthusiast? Do you find solace by sweating in the mountains? Own the best GPS watch for hiking with advance features and desirable characteristics.

In this fast-paced world, you will have to keep rejuvenating your soul for a better life. You can treat your inner callings by staying close to nature. On top of that, Nature can give you a soothing feeling in this chaotic environment.

Well, Hiking is the best way to enjoy nature and stay fit as well. No doubt it gives you fatigue and tiredness but calms your soul from within.

Also, hiking acts in a therapeutic way of healing ourselves from all the stress. It provides us with the much-needed tranquility and stabilizes us.

One of the most necessities in hiking is to know your way in and out. This will always require a GPS handy. Hikers should always have a mobile and succinct tool with them.

Hikers should have the best GPS watch for hiking with them that can provide needed characteristics efficiently.

The best hiking watch shows data such as elevation, position, and weather conditions.

Apart from the date and time, GPS hiking watch shows you the path as well. Customized watches with features specific to hiking needs are in trend these days.

This article will guide you in knowing the best GPS watch for hiking and help you the “BEST HIKING WATCH”.

Now let’s get to know the best-hiking watches available exclusively for you.

Best GPS Watch For Hiking (The Best Ones)

1. Garmin Fenix 6x Sapphire: OUR TOP PICK/MOST SELLING

best GPS Watch for hiking

Ready to chuck out a lot of dollars for the best GPS watch for hiking, then grab Garmin Fenix 6x Sapphire watch.

This watch is a combination of high performance and robust and sophisticated design.


  • Unique Pace-pro technology is embedded.
  • App and sensor customization can be done to extend battery life.
  • Topographical maps and ski maps are found.
  • ClimbPro Feature updates you with your climbing information like gradient, traveled distance, and elevation.


  • No Cons As Such

Get a sunlight-readable big size display that supports sleep monitoring and altitude acclimation at high elevations.

Be knowledgeable of all the unknown paths through GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo that provide a global satellite navigation system.

We love it for the battery life it offers. Gps watch for hikers must be able to function for long hours in a single charge, and this does exactly that.

Being the best GPS watch for hiking, it is made up of scratch-resistant premium materials. It offers an enhanced wrist heart rate.

It also gives you smart notifications in sync with your smartphones. Take our words, and this is the best hiking watch any day.

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2. Garmin Fenix 5 Plus: BEST MULTISPORT WATCH

best GPS Watch for hiking

Let’s reveal the super-dynamic watch that tops the best hiking watch list with its vibrant color and functionality. It provides you with extended battery life and durability in harsh weather.


  • It tracks various fitness activities, like cycling, swimming, and hiking.
  • The watch has a unique feature of music storage capacity and a contactless paying system.
  • In-built navigation routes and satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS along with Galileo makes it the best mountaineering watch.


Expensive, not for average hikers.

Trendy-looking, a multi sport supporting GPS watch is the best GPS watch for hiking. The wrist band is capable of monitoring your heart rate.

Topographical maps help you find the best route for the mountain trails.

We keep this watch on top of our list for the quality of services it offers, as its power storage.

Enjoy the soul-calming hikes with your favorite music beats even without your phone. Wifi-connectivity makes it easier to link your smartphone on the go. These features make this the best GPS watch for hiking.

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3. Apple Watch Series 5: Best Premium Hiking Watch

best hiking watch

Hey ladies, the infamous Apple brand curated a sleek and multi-functioning watch, especially for you.

Plus, the always-on retina screen helps you see the time and personalized data all the time.


  • The built-in compass never lets you lose your path while hiking.
  • It monitors your heartbeat, rhythm, and blood pressure.
  • Also, exhibit a fall-detection feature.


The higher price makes it tough for average hikers.

This women’s hiking watch comes in a variety of soft colors that attracts woman hikers.

Apple Watch Series 5 is the best GPS watch for hiking for women. It is water-resistant also. Apple pay helps you make payments on the fly without worrying about cards.

We love this women’s hiking watch as it alerts you if the noise goes above-allowed decibel. It helps a woman track their menstrual cycles, as well.

Ladies, get your friends along and challenge them to complete exercises with the built-in apps.

Further, this watch is a path-setter for many more to come in the list of best GPS watch for hiking for ladies.

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4. Garmin Tactix Charlie

best hiking watch

Gramin brand notched up its game in the GPS hiking watch market by adding this stud to the list.

Best backpacking watch for harsh surroundings that comes handy in your hiking ventures.


  • The built-in navigation system includes a 3-axis-compass, altimeter, barometer, and gyroscope.
  • Apps such as Uber,  Accuweather, etc. can be added to make your life easier.
  • Commendable battery life.
  • Night vision compatible
  • The DLC coated titanium bezel prevents abrasion and corrosion.


  • It feels heavy for continuous wear.

Garmin Tactix Charlie has a rugged design. It consists of TOPO maps and heart rate calculation functionality.

This best GPS watch for hiking has elevation data to monitor paths for hiking activities correctly.

Also, this GPS watch for hikers earns our points for its tactical functions such as Jumpmaster, waypoint projection, and dual-positioning GPS.

Lastly, the Garmin Tactix Charlie is  hiker’s favorite for its accurate data and longevity.

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5. Suunto 9 Multisport GPS Watch

best backpacking watch

Suunto is another brand that dominates the best hiking watch market.

Suunto watch can compete with any high range ones when it comes to battery.

Extend the power, with various customizations along with your energy while hiking.


  • The outstanding battery life of 120h with GPS
  • Durable with super design
  • Altimeter accuracy is incomparable.
  • Water-resistance feature makes it suitable for swimming


  • Time-zone has to be updated manually

Suunto 9 Multisport GPS watch is the best GPS watch for hiking at a reasonable price.

FusedTrack algorithm uses GPS and motion sensor information to enhance track and distance precision.

You can track your daily activities such as walking, running as well as sleep cycles.

This watch has three inbuilt battery modes, which made us a fan and is the best Gps watch for hikers. Track all your athletic activities through a single device,

Enjoy hands-free hiking by connecting your watch to the mobile phone through Bluetooth.

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6. Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit

gps watch for hikers

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit is considered as the best watch for backpacking for its compact and sturdy look — the best GPS watch for hiking at an affordable price with no compromise on quality.


  • GPS signal procurement is quick
  • Heart rate tracking during swimming
  • Sunlight readable big size display
  • Battery life performance at its best.
  • Can act as a tracker for multiple sports


  • Not suitable to track daily fitness activity.

A unique addition is a Suunto Movescount app through which you can visually enrich, emulate, and share your experiences.

This best GPS watch for hiking also gives accurate weather data. Excellent route navigation feature with an inbuilt compass.

Also, the perfect route trace back feature is something to depend upon. As it supports multiple sports, it shows activity-based recovery time.

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Triathletes consider this as the best for its convenient multi-sport support feature.

No need to worry about language, as multiple language setup such as Japanese, Russian, French, German make this watch one of the best hiking watches internationally.

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7. Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire-Black

best GPS Watch for hiking(

Hikers consider this as one of the best GPS watches for hiking in a mid-price range. Its various sizes and designs help a swift change from corporate look to workout mode.


  • High resolution display convenient for harsh conditions
  • The watch can be personalized according to preference
  • Smartphone compatible
  • GLONASS and GPS present


Absence of inbuilt topographic and cycling maps

What’s better than a watch that boasts of a 3-axis compass along with altimeter, barometer, and thermometer? Elevate wrist heart rate technology makes this a perfect mountaineering watch.

We are vouching for this GPS hiking watch for its versatility. It supports various sports like hiking, swimming, golfing, and running with its preloaded features.

The best GPS watch for hiking comes with GPS, as well as GLONASS specifications for easy navigation in mountain trails.

Hikers and mountaineers can benefit the most from this watch.

Get ready to enjoy adventures with all your activity tracked and at your fingertips.

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8. Garmin Foretrex 401 Hiking GPS

best hiking watch

Do you need to ramp up your style while hiking? Are you ready to grab a unique looking watch that doubles up as a GPS navigator? Get your hands on the best GPS watch for hiking that blends with the modern era.


  • The large display makes it easier to navigate maps
  • Inexpensive with premium quality
  • High accuracy in GPS and signal strength
  • Easy to use, lightweight device
  • The wrist strap is of high quality


  • No functionality to save maps

Grab the best GPS watch for hiking at a meager rate. The back traceability feature always remembers the trail.

With long-running power and replaceable batteries, always stay connected and monitor your hiking activities.

Guys, this is considered as the best backpacking watch for remote areas and high mountains.

Get all your requirements without emptying your pockets. Happy hiking!!

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9. Suunto Core Outdoor Matrix Watch

best watch for backpacking

This watch from Suunto is the best watch for backpackers. Get an altimeter, barometer, and compass in-built in an unbelievable price range.


  • Shows elevation at an interval of 3ft.
  • The watch informs you about the weather and sunrise and sunset times.
  • Compass is very accurate in providing directions
  • Designed for modern age hikers, with vibrant colors and variations


  • Battery life reduces by some functions in rare cases.

The inexpensive best GPS watch for hiking gives you proper weather situations.

The altimeter tracks the vertical moment, the barometer shows you the air pressure trend, and the compass helps you find your way.

Also, It is helpful to measure your snorkeling dive depth and your ascent and descent speed.

It also includes functions such as alarm, countdown timer, sports chronograph, and dual time.

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10. Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor Watch


Casio comes in the list of the best GPS watch for hiking for its unique qualities. You can now flaunt a super dynamic multi-sports supporting watch, for a few dollars.


  • Sensors such as Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, and Compass is present
  • Informs you about weather and Sun conditions
  • Inexpensive
  • The vibrant blue color makes it a fit for both sports and casual wear


  • Solar battery level reduces with time

Being the best watch for hiking, it is low temperature resistant. The altimeter gives you a perfect elevation reading. Know your temperature even in the most adverse situations.

This might be the last in the list, but it features all the necessary qualities of a GPS hiking watch. Get on this watch; flaunt your style without the fear of losing trails ever.

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GPS Hiking Watch Buyer’s Guide

In this buyer’s guide, we will let you know the characteristics you should look for in a GPS hiking watch before buying.

  • GPS

The most crucial feature for hiking watches is GPS. This feature never lets you get lost in the unknown trails.

You should always look for the most accurate and precise position providing a watch. This helps you to reach your location at a faster pace.

  • Display Size

A big display play size is a must in a hiking watch as it can show us multiple information at the same time. A prominent display can comfortably accommodate all the information.

  • Altimeter

The altimeter provides information about elevation along with ascent speed and descent speed.

  • Barometer

As a barometer measures atmospheric pressure, it can inform you if any storm’s coming. This helps in deciding the trekking program.

  • Compass

Compass is a prime function of hiking watch, as it can easily show you the correct path. And this will never let you lose your trail.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

As with height, heart rate tends to increase; your watch should have the capacity to monitor heartbeats.

  • Thermometer

We should always keep our health under check, especially under harsh situations. This portable thermometer function will let you know your body temperature on the go.

  • Battery Life

The hiking watch needs to have a long battery life even if with GPS on, to support you in your hike. Battery life should be good, without running out half-way of your trek.

  • Durability

The watch must be durable so that it can stand any adverse conditions.

  • Design

Rugged and sturdy design is preferable always, as they are not damaged easily and can witness any situation.

  • Water-resistance

This is an additional feature water-resistant property makes it wearable even during rains. You can also multi-use it for swimming activities.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Staying connected to the world is a must nowadays. Even in the wilderness, you should stay connected through your watch’s Wi-Fi.

Famous Last Words: Best GPS

Watch for Hiking

You can choose from any of the watches on this list, and we assure you, you won’t repent the purchase. In the end, the above given are the best GPS watches for hiking available.

Make your hiking memorable and comfortable by owning a multi-working device.

As hiking calms your soul and rejuvenates your body, these watches make the trails more accessible.

Lastly, get fit and track it on the go with the help of these best hiking watches. Enjoy the sweat, and show off your fashion trend.

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