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Are you heading for a trail and planning to buy the best water shoes for hiking? Buy the best water shoes for hiking, as you never know what’s in store in an adventure.

In mountains and hills, there will be unexpected water flowing that can wet your feet. You would never want to stay all day with mushy feet in your hike.

So invest in the best water shoes for hiking and remain worry-free.

Water hiking shoes are also safe to wear as they prevent slippage in sluggish streams. Have a firm grip in the uneven trails by selecting the best water shoes for hiking.

Are you running out of reasons for not to invest in a water hiking shoe? Let us give you another reason to invest in the best water hiking shoes.

Water shoes dry out real fast as they have a water-resistant coating. And the best part, they add up to your fashion statement.

In this article, we will drive you through a few of the best water shoes for hiking.

We have included a buying guide as well to provide you the expertise needed before investing in water hiking shoes.

Thus, follow our leads and enjoy your adventure without getting annoyed by soggy damp feet.

10 Best Water Shoes for Hiking


1. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

best water shoes for hiking

Keen is a famous brand in the industry of footwear, known for its strong and durable outdoor shoes. If you are ready to chunk out a big-money, then Keen Men’s Newport H2 is the best water shoes for hiking.

Also, it’s the best men’s hiking water shoes because of the combination of support, protection, and comfort it offers.


  • Washable webbing made up of polyester
  • Odor control
  • The midsole can be compressed adding to the comfort
  • Footbeds can be detached helping in a secure fit


  • Expensive at its full price.

Keen Men’s Newport H2 Sandal is superbly breathable due to its outer mesh lining. It has got a lug-patterned base for the optimum grip.

This shoe is designed, keeping on mind the need for hikers. So it has got a fit-lace system for the perfect and secure fit.

Also, the comfortability it provides owned our hearts.

Even if a bit expensive, you will be happy with the purchase. EVA midsole and razor sipping sole give stable support.

Once you wear them, you will fall in love with these kicks.

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2. Merrell Choprock

best water shoes for hiking

Merrell Choprock has become one of the best water shoes for hiking. The moment you set eyes on, you will get to know the quality and toughness of the best water hiking shoes.

It is designed prominently as a trail running shoe.


  • Made up of water-friendly fabric.
  • Consist of rubber toe bumper to protect your toes
  • Webbing loops help the shoe in fitting securely.
  • Water drainage and ventilation inside feet are achieved through midsole channels and ports.


  • Absence of convertible heel

Merrell Choprock is a new player in the market that owns the heart by its futuristic design.

The kinetic fit base provides an excellent fit. It has got a water-friendly top cover. And the comfort Vibram mega grip is perfect for slippery streams.

Further, the feature that grabbed our attention is the toughness that it offers. The price that it takes justifies its quality and comfort.

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best water hiking shoes

Do you have a comfort first mindset? Keen evofit one always keeps comfort in its first preference.

Being a lightweight shoe makes you move quickly, even underwater, or after your shoe is wet.


  • Machine washable
  • Quick-dry fabric used
  • TPU inserts give you the required agility in trails.


  • Shoe size differs.

The fabric used is best for comfort and breathable protection. The engineered rubber outsole gives a perfect grip in dry as well as slippery rocks.

We give keen evofit a thumps up for its flexible midsole, which never lets you fall in slippery trails or rugged mountains. This makes Evofit the best shoes for river hiking.

Another eye-catching feature is the removable footbed, which can help in achieving a perfect fit and supports the foot arch.

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4. Teva Terra-Float Churn It Up

best water hiking shoes

We can say Teva Terra-Float is the best water shoes for hiking. The name itself says it all.

The main feature is that it dries up real quick and feels like just wearing a sock for its lightweight.


  • Dries quickly
  • Holes in sides to drain water fast.
  • Lightly padded supports around the shoe


  • No convertible heel.

Teva terra-float is the most sought shoes in the river hiking shoes category for its water repellent quality.

We include this in the list for its comfort. The ultra-light cushioning soles care for your feet. Upperside has mesh to keep your feet fresh.

Perforation in soles drains out water in haste, which adds to quick drying.

Also, the sole has got an anti-slip rubber outsole that provides dependable traction in water trails as well.

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5. Salomon Women’s Athletic-Water-Shoes Hiking

best water hiking shoes

Salomon Women’s Athletic-Water-Shoes Hiking is the best women’s water shoes for hiking in a medium budget.

The rubber sole makes the pump bouncy and suitable for hiking.

It also provides optimum wet traction and has got a fully waterproof membrane making it the best water and hiking shoes


  • Cushioned sole that gives stability
  • Lightweight makes it comfortable for hiking
  • Holes present for quick water drainage.


  • No convertible heels present.

The shoe fits women’s feet in an iconic way. This version is lighter than its previous version.

The shoe features a seamed upper and thinner, softer materials for the perfect balance between comfort and protection.

As water trail shoes, it has got a new geometry of 3D chassis. This provides the perfect amount of stability and comfort for a secure trail.

This shoe is lighter and softer, with the essential feature like stability, cushioning, and traction.

This shoe seamlessly accompanies women’s wherever the trail tracks go.

This is a perfect river hiking shoe without letting you worried about water clog in your pump. Wear them on and enjoy worry-free hiking.

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6. Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Parley

mens hiking water shoes

We all know the brand. It rules the shoe universe with its quality, longevity, and versatility.

This can be chosen as the best water shoes for hiking with closed eyes only for the brand name.

You will be awestruck with the sleek design as well as the engineered structure for support.


  • One layer mesh and cloth upper adds to the lightweight.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Stretchable tongue and heel give hikers a tailored fit.


  • Fewer color options available

Climacool mesh makes Adidas Terrex water shoe feels an airy weight. It just feels like wearing a sock.

The ventilation system all over the shoe drains out the water, quickly standing valid to its name.

The lightweight, long-lasting, cushioned midsole has made us a real fan of Adidas Terrex.

Due to its lightweight, this men’s hiking water shoes are the best shoes for river hiking. The outsole is made up of stealth rubber giving it the needed elasticity.

Buy these pairs, and you will never repent your decision.

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7. The North Face Litewave Amphibious II

mens hiking water shoes

Are you going to buy your first water shoe? If your answer is yes, then go for the North face litewave amphibious II Show.

This is a mid-range shoe so that it won’t make a hole in your pockets. Being in the midrange budget also didn’t compromise with quality.


  • Lifetime warranty provided.
  • Boosts of convertible heels
  • Quick pull lace look
  • Consists of a toe cap that protects the feet front.


  • Narrower fit.

The cushioning system will always have your shoes back even in unpredictable terrain. It is superbly lightweight that helps you to move your feet while wet comfortably.

Not a very popular brand, but when it comes to quality, Northman tops it all.

The quick lace system adjusts itself in both dry and wet situations. It remains tight all the time providing safety and comfortability.

The grip is super secure that can be effectively used in any trails.

Also, the mesh upper and fast-drying footbed keeps your feet dry all the time.

Convertible heels are useful if you want just to walk around. Overall, this is a terrific deal and the best water hiking shoe.

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8. Chaco Women’s Outcross Evo 2 Hiking Shoe

best womens water shoes for hiking

Hey, all of you women hikers, Chaco Women’s Outcross Evo 2 Hiking Shoe is the best water shoes for hiking for you.

This water hiking shoe is beautifully designed for your beautiful feet.

It is water repellent and has a firm grip for uneven roads. Semi-collapsible heel and synthetic leather protects your feet and gives you a perfect fit.


  • Non-slip, massive grip outer sole
  • Flexible and helps in agility
  • Recycled materials are used to build the shoe.
  • A varied range of colors available.


  • Support is less

The mindfully designed drainage holes in these shoes won’t allow water to stay at all. This feature makes them the best women water shoes for hiking.

Even more, the durable PU LUVSEAT is designed, keeping in mind women’s feet and the comfort required for them.

It also provides maximum comfort during hikes along with water repellent fabric makes them the best shoes for river hiking.

Also, it’s got the fast release bungee laces that help in easy wearing on and off. It also adds to the secure fitting of the shoes for women’s feet.

Last but not least, it features a decent-sized toe-cap and mudguard to avoid unseen mishaps.

All these features combined make Chaco the best women’s water shoes for hiking.

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9. KEEN Women’s Terradora ETHOS-W Hiking Shoe

best womens water shoes for hiking

Are you looking out for the best women’s water shoes for hiking in a low budget?

Your search ends at KEEN Women’s Terradora ETHOS-W Hiking Shoe. This is a beauty to the beholder’s eye. The color variations provided will immediately win any women’s heart.

These water trail shoes dry fast drains water through openings and repel water too. It has got quick-release laces that make getting in and out of them an easy task.


  • Lightweight
  • Well-designed for women feet
  • Comfortable and cushioned soles
  • Multi-purpose usage, both on and off-trail.


  • Difficult to wear for more full feet.

The water drainage system is very efficient, that gets away with water in a blink.

Also, the secure bungee laces and padded sole bless your feet with super comfort and secure fit.

This is one of the best water shoes for hiking for women as it safeguards toe and heels entirely.

Lastly, the sole is made up of good quality rubber and has got a multi-directional grip system to help you not to lose grip on slippery surfaces.

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10. Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

best water and hiking shoes

We guarantee you; you cannot get any better deal for the men’s hiking water shoes. This comes with a meager price tag, but believe us, there is no reason to doubt the quality.

It is breathable because of the mesh all around the shoe. Further, the sole is super-comfy, giving making it the best water shoes for hiking.

Finally, it has taken care of men’s comfort by providing a sock liner that further cushions your feet.


  • The excellent quality mesh makes the shoe breathable
  • The rubber sole has got drainage holes
  • Cushioning sock liner
  • Low price


  • No convertible heels

It is lightweight that makes it the best water shoes for hiking. Solyte midsole gives the shoe a bounce-back feature, that’s good for hiking.

Water Grip outsole provides excellent traction in wet and slippery terrains. These features make Dreamcity shoes the best water and hiking shoes.

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Best Water Shoes for Hiking Buying Guide


water trail shoes







1. Water drainage

Look out for holes, open sides or side and upper mesh before deciding on any water shoe as this won’t let water to clog.

2. Fast drying

You are buying water shoes to get rid of wet feet. So one of the prime factors to be considered while buying is how fast it dries out after being soaked.

As you would never want to invest in a water shoe and still carry on with soggy feet, right?

3. Comfortable

We always keep our comfort first when it comes to our clothing and footwear.

But you know, when footwear gets wet, it can give us the optimum comfort.

Always ensure that the water shoes you buy are comfortable when dry, as well as when wet.

4. Grip strength

You are looking for water shoes to be able to trail in water areas too. That means slippery roads and gravelly trails are on the list.

Hence look for a shoe that provides a good grip in all adverse situations.

5, Support

You would never want to injure your feet while hiking or underwater. So look for enough support being provided by the shoe around the ankle and foot arch.

6. Protection

Protection is always first on cards for anyone going for an adventure.

Buy a shoe that gives you complete protection against any unforeseen accidents.

7. Proper ventilation

Consider ventilation as an essential factor in water shoe as it will provide the air that your feet require.

Proper ventilation will prevent any bad odor due to water clog also. This will again add up to quick drying.

8. Construction

The construction should be sturdy as it is meant to be used in rough roads. While at the same time, the best water shoes should feel light-weight and airy.

9. Easy to remove while wet

Have you ever taken off a damp t-shirt or jeans? If yes, you must know the effort it takes to remove those extra kilos of water.

And when it comes to footwear, it adds up to the irritation, as it will become difficult to move your feet. So make sure it has an upper and side mesh of good quality.

The mesh helps in fast-drying as well as easy removing of shoes while wet.

10. Pricing

Don’t get intimidated by the price. A high price doesn’t mean the best water shoe. Always lookout for the functionality of the shoe. can serve along with measuring its worthiness.

11. Multi-functional

You would always want to invest in a water shoe that can be worn both on and off-trail.

So choose wisely among the water shoes. Have an eye for fashionable shoes that can provide all functionality of a water shoe.

As per our research, water shoes are the best option while it comes to hiking. Why invest in a heavy hiking shoe that gets wet.

You can instead choose a light-weight water shoe that is as good as any other hiking shoe. You are good to go for short hikes and various water activities with the same shoe.

Their one-of-a-kind design gives you complete support and protection in slippage as well as rough terrains.

Conclusion: Best Water Shoes for Hiking


Altogether, water shoes serve the purpose of walking footwear as well while being safe in water areas.

As of now, you have an in-depth knowledge of water shoes. You know how to choose the best water shoes for hiking.

So let’s get going and grab the best water shoes for hiking. Happy splurging!!


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