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America’s most influential conservationist and naturalist John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”The dramatically varied landscape of Oregon promises a number of best hikes in Oregon. From rugged coastline to thick evergreen forests, mesmerizing waterfalls to ethereal glacial lakes on towering peaks, the best hikes in Oregon are as diverse as they could be!

Indeed, spending time in the outdoors not just gives us a booster dose of energy.

But, it also makes us happier. And what better way to spend time in nature than going for an invigorating hike?

Planning to head out and wondering which trail to choose among the Oregon hikes?

We have you sorted with our list of ten Best hikes in Oregon

Top 10 Best Hikes in Oregon

1. Abiqua Falls

best hikes in Oregon

  • Distance: 1 to 5 mile (depending on the road)
  • Days Required: 1 day
  • Best Time of the year: Round the year
  • Type: Out-and-back

Once upon a time, this place was the best-kept secret of Oregon hikers.

Though the word is out now, the Abiqua falls is still, undoubtedly, one of the best hikes in Oregon.

Icy cold water pounding downwards over beautiful columnar formations of basalt gives Abiqua Falls it’s dream-like setting!

The nearest town is Scott Mills, and to reach the trailhead, drive further on the back roads and take a right for the Crooked Finger Road or CF 300.

After driving for 10.7 miles, you need to take a right onto an unmarked forest dirt road.

You will find the sign for the trailhead after 2.5 miles on the unmarked dirt road.

The slope is steep and can be treacherous in wet conditions, so please take the necessary precautions.

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2. Oregon Coast Trail

best hikes in Oregon


  • Distance- 425 mile
  • Days required- 30-60 days
  • Best Time of the year- Summer
  • Type- Thru

Speaking about the best hikes in Oregon, the Oregon Coast Trail is the first name that comes to the mind!

If you are hiking in Oregon and looking for a test of endurance, head to this trail that starts at the Californian border and ends on the other side of the Columbia River.

The trail covers almost the entire coast- however, there is always a town or state park along this 425-mile trail, which can be reached in a day or two.


3. Mount Scott Trail

hiking in oregon


  • Distance- 4.5 mile
  • Days required- Half a day
  • Best Time of the year- Late summer to fall
  • Type- Out-and-back

This is one of the hikes in Oregon that rewards hikers with extensive views from the summit. Standing 8929 feet tall, Mount Scott is the highest point of the Crater Lake National Park.

The trailhead is located at the Parking area along the Rim Drive, on the East Side of Crater lake near Cloudcap Junction.

The elevation gain on the trail is gradual, and additionally, this is one of the best hiking trails in Oregon to see fantastic alpine wildflowers.

Also, the trail is steep in places but it would not prove trouble for hikers during summer and early fall.


4. Grizzly Peak Loop Trail

oregon hikers

  • Distance- 4.7 mile
  • Days required- 1 day
  • Best Time of the year- May to November
  • Type- Loop type

Walkthrough old-growth forest and meadows to witness the splendid vistas of Oregon!

The Grizzly Peak Loop Trail is counted among the best hikes in Oregon because it offers amazing views of Mount Shasha, Mount McLaughlin, Table Rocks, and Pilot Rock.

It is located in southern Oregon in Ashland, and to reach the trailhead head east on Highway 66. About 1/4 mile east of Highway 5, turn Left onto Dead Indian Memorial Road.

Continue on Dead Indian Memorial Road for about 6.4 miles and turn Left onto Shale City Road, and you will find the way to Grizzly Peak marked.

In addition to the dramatic scenery, the trail also takes you through the charred remains of the East Antelope Fire!

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5. Trail of the Ten Falls

best hiking in oregon


  • Distance- 7.8 mi (12.55 km)
  • Days Required- 1 Day
  • Best Time of Year- Anytime
  • Type- Loop

Wondering about the best hikes in Oregon and where to head next?

Look no further than the Trail of the Ten Falls, which happens to be the crown jewel of Silver Falls State Park!

Hike this loop to visit ten mesmerizing waterfalls in the park- including the famous South Falls, North Falls, and Lower Middle Falls.

Though the falls can be hiked individually, this trail lets you explore them all together. Moreover, it can be undertaken by hikers of all skill levels.

You can choose to start the hike from either the South Falls or the North Falls parking lot in the Silver Falls State Park.

The trail attracts a lot of visitors on weekends, however, you may choose to explore on a weekday if you crave for some solitude!

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6. Saddle Mountain

best hikes in Oregon


  • Distance- 4.5 mile
  • Days required- 1 day
  • Best Time of the year- Round the year
  • Type- Out-and-back

If you are up for a challenge, test yourself by experiencing one of the difficult yet best hiking in Oregon at the Saddle Mountain.

A favorite among Oregon hiking enthusiasts, the visual treat of views ranging from the Pacific Ocean to Mt. Hood await you at the mountain top!

To reach the trailhead, travel west on Highway 26 until approximately milepost ten where you take a right turn heading north after a state park sign for Saddle Mountain.

From the turn travel seven-mile up a mostly paved road to the trailhead at the end of the road.

It is an excellent and well-maintained trail, and if you are hiking in May, you get to enjoy the spectacular wildflowers along the trail!


7. Misery Ridge

best hiking trails in oregon


  • Distance- 5.5 mile
  • Days required- 1 day
  • Best Time of the year- March to October
  • Type- Loop type

Do you want to push your limits and take your hiking skills to the next level? Some of the best hikes in Oregon can be quite daunting, and the Misery Ridge loop trail is one of them.

However, it is one of the best ways to hike the Smith Rock, which is otherwise a climber’s arena.

To hike this trail, reach the Smith Rock State Park. In the park area, there are three ways to reach the trailhead, which starts at the bridge.

Reach the bridge by either walking on the Canyon/Chute Trail from the main parking lot;

The Rope De Dope Trail from the bivouac; and the Homestead Trail from the north point parking lot.

Also, the strenuous hike through the crooked river canyon is worth every bit the effort!

Do remember to see the Monkeyface and other rock formations on your way up.


8. Toketee Falls

oregon hiking trails

  • Distance- 0.7 mile
  • Days required- Half a day
  • Best Time of the year- Round the year
  • Type- Out-and-back

The Toketee Falls is a beautiful short hike in Oregon, well known for the basalt formation that frames the two-stepped falls.

Further, the 113 feet high waterfall has a consistent flow throughout the year, and it is one of the best hikes in Oregon that can you can explore with your family!

The Falls is located in Douglas country of Oregon. To reach the trailhead, drive east on OR-138 from Roseburg.

Turn north between mile marker 58 and 59 onto Toketee-Rigdon Road 34. Keep left at all junctions until reaching the trailhead.

Even more, the trail doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the pool, but you can enjoy the view from a platform.

An attempt to go down to the pool is fraught with risk as it is steep downhill. So we are not going to recommend you to do that!

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9. Broken Top

oregon hikes


  • Distance- 15.2 mile
  • Days required- 1
  • Best Time of the year- Summer
  • Type- Out-and-back

Unparalleled views, a glacial lake, and wildflowers all around- no doubt, the Broken Top mountain hike is one of the best hikes in Oregon.

You will need a high clearance vehicle to drive on the National Forest roads that will take you to the trailhead.

To access the trail, drive 30 miles west of Bend, north of the Cascade Lakes Hwy. at the Broken Top Trailhead on Forest Rd. 380.

This is one of the Oregon hiking trails that double up as a great backpacking location, so don’t be surprised when you see backpackers camping near the lake!

Moreover, the one last stretch from the lake to the peak is tiring but totally worth it, so push yourself a little and take that extra step!


10. Battle Ax Mountain

best hiking in oregon


  • Distance- 6 mile
  • Days required- 1 day
  • Best Time of the year- Midsummer to fall
  • Type- Loop type

The Battle ax mountain is a shield volcano in the western Cascade Range of Oregon, in addition to being the second-highest point in the Bulls of Woods Wilderness.

The hike starts where Forest Road 4697 that goes between Estacada and Detroit ends abruptly due to a washout. After walking for a short while on the washed-out roadbed, you will reach the trail head for Battle Axe.

This is one of the best hikes in Oregon that offer unbelievable scenery, which is why we would say that the steep climb is totally worth your efforts!

Conclusion: Best Hikes in Oregon

Hiking in Oregon is a lot of fun- there are plenty of trails to choose from for hikers of all skill levels.

Also, performing hiking every single day brings out the best in you as you can feel that energy flowing through your body.

So hassle no more, ready your day pack and explore some of the best hikes in Oregon.

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